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Best Value for Reliable, Sustainable, Everyday 3D Printing!
Need a dependable workhorse to support your prototype production, internal R&D, invention ideas, or favorite hobby like cosplay, R/C, or drones? Proto-pasta’s Easy Printing – Everyday PLA offers a no-frills printing experience at a competitive price without sacrificing quality or creating unnecessary waste. Comparable to what other companies call Super-premium, Professional, or PRO grade, our Proto-pasta Everyday PLA is everyday, affordable, quality printing.
Here is what makes this “World’s Best” PLA:
Low Cost – We keep the cost low by keeping the product simple, not cheap. No fillers, just quality, domestic PLA produced on quality, ProtoPlant-made extruders.
High Quality – Avoid unexpected and hidden costs of 3D Printing with less failed prints. Poor diameter control, moisture, tightly wound filament on small diameter cores, and cheap fillers can kill reliability. That’s why we implement dynamic diameter feedback, introduce no moisture during extrusion, use large cores on all our spools, and add nothing unnecessary to cheapen the material.
Less waste – PLA has a more eco-friendly, bio-renewable origin with less out-gassing and nano-particle emissions than most plastics, but then many companies spool PLA onto petroleum based, non-recyclable reels creating unnecessary plastic waste! Next, they add additional wasteful packaging like multiple boxes. Finally, they often out-source materials from far away at additional cost to the environment. We’re controlling our carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact by sourcing local materials, adding nothing unnecessary, and minimizing packaging waste. We lead the industry with locally-made, 100% recyclable cardboard spools that are both lightweight to ship and locally recyclable.
Made by Makers – Best of all, Proto-pasta is made by engineering professionals at ProtoPlant who are passionate about making things and improving our world – just like you! When you purchase Proto-pasta, you can feel good about supporting small business, future innovation, the environment, and hard working folks that love 3D Printing, technology, and tinkering as much as you do!
Easy Printing – Everyday PLA is a Proto-pasta’s first product designed for everybody. Sustainable and so easy to use. If you print PLA, Print with Pasta! Still no convinced? Try a free sample with free Maker the Gnome STL download!

In our experience, good results were achieved using standard PLA parameters in a wide range of temperatures (190-230C). Standard build surface preparation (like blue tape or glue stick). No heated bed required but up to 70C is okay

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