Calidum HALE Heated Bed - 8" x 8" for 3D Printers


Proudly introducing our first original product, the Calidum HALE Mica-based heated print bed featuring a print area of 8 inches by 8 inches. Manufactured in the United States, the Calidum HALE provides uniform heating across the surface and delivers 115 watts (12 volts)/144 watts (24 volts) for fast heat-up times and warp-free prints. The Calidum HALE is capable of reaching 100 °C in three minutes from room temperature1.

The Calidum HALE includes a pre-wired thermistor and is easily installed on 3 or 4 point leveling systems. Mounting holes for three point systems are provided, and the cut corners make room for a variety of four point leveling options. The Calidum HALE includes a 3M® adhesive surface which can receive glass (borosilicate recommended), copper, or aluminum (MIC-6® recommended).

The Calidum HALE is an easy drop-in upgrade for all printers with a print area of 8 inches by 8 inches.

Most printers use 12 volts. If you are not sure which variant you need for your machine, please contact us.

Product Specifications:

  • Manufactured In: United States
    • Dimensions:
      • Printable Surface Area: 8.070 inches by 8.070 inches
      • Thickness: 0.033 inches
      • Thickness (including bottom connector pads): 0.150 inches
    • Adhesive Material: 3M® adhesive
    • Mounting System: Native support for 3 and 4 point leveling systems
    • Power Input: 12V (115 watts) or 24V (144 watts)
    • Heat-Up Times: 3 minutes to 100° C from room temperature1
    • Printing Surfaces: Aluminum, Copper, Glass, or other combinations (such as Aluminum + Glass for easy glass removal)
    • Wire Connectors: bare leads
    • Heater Lead Color: Black
    • Heater Lead Length: 24 inches (12 inches for 24v)
    • Thermistor Lead Length: 24 inches (12 inches for 24v)
    • Thermistor Lead Color: White
    • Thermistor: Pre-wired and ready to use
    • Thermistor Type: NTC 100 kOhm
    • Maximum Suggested Temperature: UL-recognized up to 200° C

    Please Note:

    1. Heat up times may vary depending on environment, motherboard, power supply and desired target temperature.

    2. The Calidum HALE is a heated surface, but cannot be directly printed on. A rigid print surface is also required, such as glass, aluminum, copper, or a thick sheet of PEI. These surfaces are not included.

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Brand PrintIt Industries
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