BQ Ciclop DIY 3D Scanner for 3d printer-white color parts, complete kit



You will get all parts from the second picture. Other pictures are for reference only and not show the actual item. The Ciclop 3D scanner is a 100% open source project. As with all products of the BQ DIY ecosystem, Ciclop and Horus have been made freely available under CC-BY-SA and GPL. All information on the mechanical design, the electronics and the software have been made freely available to the community, to become part of the Technological Heritage of Humanity. Easy to build, the new BQ Ciclop is a 3D rotational laser triangulation scanner. It uses 2 lasers projected over an object to capture the geometry and texture as it rotates on a turntable. Ciclop is a DIY scanner. It requires manual set up, however this makes it possible to accurately calibrate the device for your intended use thus achieving optimum results for your particular task. The kit includes all the necessary components and a step-by-step assembly guide, enabling you to set it up in less than an hour. with uploaded firmware for BQ Cyclop scanner Parts list, STL files, instructions, software and videos: Product features: Scanning features: Scanning precision: 0.5 mm, plastic parts color: white Scanning time (configurable): 2-8 min, Steps per rotation: 1600 max, Scan volume: (Ø) 250 x (H) 205 mm, Maximum supported weight: 3 Kg. Links Note: This product is BQ Ciclop 3d scanner kit, you need to assemble it yourself. All files can be found in Internet.

  • Scanner
  • Color:White printed parts