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Linux Mint has been quite popular with many users for a very long time. But changes to Linux Mint in recent years have one redditor wondering exactly what the point of using it is these days. Distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu and others have also stolen some of Linux Mint’s thunder with notable improvements and popular spins.

Should Linux Mint be discontinued or is it still worth keeping around?

PointiestStick started the thread with these comments:

It seems to me that the Linux Mint people have a really good thing going with Cinnamon, which is rapidly becoming the GNOME 2.0 replacement. But Linux Mint as a distro is nothing to write home about. I used Mint for several years and found the overall experience to be frustrating.

Being based on LTS Ubuntu releases meant waiting ages for hardware support or updated packages. There was no good way to upgrade from one major version to another. PPAs and repos would randomly break, especially after updates.

I’m using Fedora these days and I have none of these problems. Having media codecs pre-installed was always nice but that’s not even true anymore. So what’s the point? Most of the things people like about Linux Mint are actually part of a desktop environment or could be (e.g. mintupdate, mintdrivers).

Why don’t the Linux Mint guys focus all their energy on Cinnamon and supported apps? As a desktop environment, Cinnamon is awesome. But as a distro, Linux Mint seems like a dead end to me, especially as the Ubuntu and GNOME/GTK folks move in divergent directions and lose interest in supporting downstream derivatives.

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His fellow Linux redditors responded with their thoughts: