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Linux gaming in 2016

Linux gamers have come a long way from the days when many people considered the platform to be a joke. These days Linux has a lot going for it in terms of games.

A writer at Gaming On Linux has an end of the year review of Linux gaming in 2016.

Liam Dawe reports for Gaming On Linux:

Probably one of the most important bits of news for us this year, was that the Vulkan API was finished up and released. Not long after we had driver releases with Vulkan enabled for people to play with. We also had The Talos Principle and Dota 2 release their Vulkan-enabled builds quite quickly too, which was really nice to see.

Mesa has come along something amazing this year, with it now supporting OpenGL 4.5. Not only that, but AMD now have the “radv” open source Vulkan driver and intel have their ANV Vulkan driver too. Mesa development has come on so fast it’s insane, I’m constantly surprised at just how quickly it has progressed this year.

We’ve had a number of letdowns this year, with The Witcher 3 having no sign of coming. I doubt that we will ever find out what happened there. Batman: Arkham Knight for Linux was cancelled, Homefront: The Revolution still hasn’t arrived, but it’s still planned for Linux. We have a wall of silence on Street Fighter V and the list of disappointments continues for a while. I won’t dwell on that too much, but it’s worth noting for clarity that things don’t always work out.

One thing I hope to see in 2017 is Valve do some more work to improve the Steam store specifically for Linux/SteamOS. The amount of times I’ve purchased a game and gone to download it, only to have it download nothing I’ve lost count of.

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