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December 14, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

We’ve added two more workshops to the agenda for the third day of Building IoT London, giving you even more opportunities to get down and dirty with the Internet of Things.

The Eclipse Foundation’s Benjamin Cabe will be taking you from the theory of sensing the world through to designing intelligent objects and connecting and managing them. Yes, he’ll be touching on Eclipse, but more importantly will be providing an overview of all your technology options, including communication and management platforms.

Meanwhile, SV Group’s Petar Zecevic will be taking a deep dive into Spark, from using the API and RDDs through to creating a Spark Streaming application for processing real time data.

That’s in addition to our MQTT Deep Dive Workshop and our IOT Hackathon with Arduino Microcontrollers. That’s four ways you can spend March 29, 2017 sharpening up your IoT skills, whatever the level of your experience.

Of course, the conference itself – on March 27 and 29 – will combine some broader takes on developing, and managing IoT projects, as well as deeper technical consideration of key technical topics, whether it’s how to design and test an IoT product, how to approach privacy and security, and the implications of new technologies such as blockchain or machine learning on IoT projects. We’ll have almost 40 sessions in all, organised across three tracks.

And because the conference is brought to you by the people behind The Register, we make sure you have time – and the optimum quality of quantity of food and drink – to meet and chew the fat with your peers, and the speakers.

We hope you’ll join us in March. Full details are here. ®

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