Internet of Things ramp-up expands compliance risk considerations – Compliance Week (subscription)

December 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Internet of Things ramp-up expands compliance risk considerations

Two months ago, citizens and lawmakers got a slight taste of the potential mayhem in store once the universe of Internet of Things devices expands to a projected 50 billion to 70 billion by 2020. On October 21, Dyn, a company that runs the Internet’s domain name infrastructure, experienced a series of coordinated botnet attacks spurring distributed denial of service outages on both sides of the Atlantic. The attacks took down popular entertainment and media websites such as Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify, and news sites such as New York Times, CNN, and The Guardian. The attackers were able to exploit security vulnerabilities in hundreds of thousands of Internet of Things devices, including home computer routers, baby monitors, and webcams.

A contributing factor to the Dyn attacks was the fact that manufacturers allowed baby monitors, webcams, and other equipment to be sold without resolving security deficiencies that enabled attackers to compromise those… To get the full story, subscribe now.