Avoiding cloud computing storage lock-in: Does Hedvig have the answer? – ZDNet

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Lakshman: “I very strongly believe that you could build one platform that could related to all these different architectures. I believe the Universal Data Plane is the answer to that.”

Image: Hedvig

Santa Clara-based storage company Hedvig has launched what it believes is the first universal answer for storage issues — the Universal Data Plane.

Intended to overcome the “rigidity, economics, and lack of data portability endemic to traditional storage”, it offers a single, programmable data management layer that “spans across workloads, clouds, and storage tiers”, the company says.

It does this by running on commodity servers in the public cloud, and offers a virtualised abstraction layer which enables any workload to store and protect its data across any location.

The company is the brainchild of its CEO Avinash Lakshman, a man with an impressive track record in developing new storage systems.