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Saskatoon mayoral candidate Don Atchison wants the city to focus on alternative sources of energy, including the South Saskatchewan River.

Atchison held a news conference near the weir Tuesday to tout his support for producing energy through methods like hydro and landfill gas collection.

The City of Saskatoon is gauging private interest for a power generation project at the weir, an idea that has been around nearly a decade and once included the concept of a whitewater recreation park.

“I think it’s wonderful, but again it’s a question of making sure that it’s viable,” Atchison said of the proposed weir project.

The incumbent mayor pointed to a landfill gas generation project that generates power for 1,300 homes and raises $1.3 million a year in revenue. The proposed weir project has been promoted as raising enough hydro power for 4,800 homes.

Atchison noted SaskPower is looking for ways to produce more power from environmentally friendly sources. He suggested solar power could be one area of growth for Saskatoon.

“We have more sunshine here than any other major city in Canada,” he told reporters. “Heavens, I think in a lot of ways I’m one of the most environmentally friendly people going. I want us do more in that area all the time.”

Atchison embraced “lofty goals” in environmentally friendly initiatives such as diverting 100 per cent of waste from the landfill. The city has set a goal of diverting 70 per cent of waste by 2023. In 2014, 22.5 per cent of waste was diverted.

A 12-month growing facility to provide produce for the food bank is also a priority, Atchison said.

Atchison is facing longtime councillor Charlie Clark, Devon Hein and Kelley Moore in the mayor’s race.


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