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August 10, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Cloud-Computing-ServiceThere are seven key MegaTrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the helpful mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, Internet of Things, CyberSecurity.

In this post we dive deeper into the first of these trends, Cloud Computing.

We succinctly describe Cloud Computing as the scalable delivery of computational resources. Models of cloud compute include public clouds, private clouds and blends in between. Architectures are in place now that leverage tiers of clouds that can exist in multiple sizes and locations, including homes, businesses and datacenters.

A snapshot of the trend right now indicates:

  • Efficiencies of this architecture are driving compute costs down. Commercial Cloud Computing providers are know widely known for their revising costs down.
  • A new consensus is forming regarding security and cloud capabilities. Well engineered clouds can be far more secure than the typical Internet connected enterprise.
  • Agility of this model is helping innovators innovate and developers develop, and in many cases this is the greatest benefit of the approach. Agility in service to mission and business needs is far more important than cost savings.
  • New forms of Cloud Computing include ultra-small data centers which can function as internal clouds.
  • Versatile small form-factor data centers can be bought in containers and put anywhere
  • Cloud plus IoT = Fog Computing, an architecture of multiple collaborative end compute devices

Open questions decision-makers should track include:

  • Will the big cloud providers be monopolies?
  • Will the future Internet be “walled gardens?
  • How will nations settle data retention disputes?
  • How do we move compute across tiers?

For deeper considerations of the impact of Cloud Computing on enterprise IT it is important to track all seven MegaTrends and consider them together. Dive deeper into all the trends and examine their impact on your organization via a CTOvision Pro membership, available for enterprises and individuals.

You can launch your examination of the MegaTrends through the categories menu at CTOvision, or directly via these links:  Cloud ComputingArtificial IntelligenceMobilityBig DataRoboticsInternet of ThingsCyberSecurity.