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February 22, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Original Articles

Tips to make a successful product listings at have over 10,000 3d printing products online. When a product is listed, it is syndicated through various syndicated websites and indexed in search engines to increase product exposure. After the initial exposure, the listings become an echo which only get found when a visitor is searching for a product that matches their criteria. Unfortunately, being listed at website does not ensure success. Quality content is the key to success to have a successful listing.

To ensure your listing is successful, you need to make sure of the following:

1. Listing titles are compelling and have certain keywords. – After 18 months of researching our popular listings, we have learned the most popular product listings have the following keywords, 3d printing, 3d printers, filament, and 3d scanners. Make sense, considering is a 3d printing product comparison site and visitors are primarily there looking for 3d printing deals. We had an instance where a 3D Printer received over 1,000 visitors in the first 24 hours thanks to our syndication network and still receive a good number of visitors on a monthly basis.

2. At least 100 words describing your product listing – If you are unable to provide at least 100 words about your product, then please do not list at our website. In fact, we suggest you get out of business all together. Marketing your company is not throwing dollars at search engines and being listed, it is knowing your product and able to give a quality explanation of what your product does. If no effort will be put to create quality content to promote your product, then our visitors will see this and ignore your listing.

3. Tags your listing – Our platform uses a tag system. This tag system improves your listing search rank. Therefore, quality tags such as 3d printer, makerbot, and etc. Increases your listing’s chance in being found on search engines.

4. List all your products or as much as your membership allows – Making one big listing announcing your company and a summary of what you do is not enough. If you have 50 different products at your site, then list all 50 products at to increase your exposure. Google Shopping,, promotes the product not the company; as their viewers looks for products at a reasonable price. Same for ur viewers, they are seeking the latest 3D Printing products at the best price. They are not looking for companies, as we are not a company directory site. When our viewer clicks on the link to your site from ours, they are interested in making a purchase. Don’t lose out on sales by not listing everything that you have to offer.

5. Update your listing regularly – Refresh your listing tells our search platform that there is new information for your listing. This increase your chance of being on top of search results when a viewer is looking for ABS filament. The refresh can be a special deal being offered to viewers to price changes. Update regularly and you shall be rewarded.

6. (Optional) – Upgrade your membership – By upgrading your membership, you will earn top listing over the free and basic listings. This will increase the chance of a visitor checking out your listing and if your content is quality and the price is right, then you just earned a sale.

Just register today for a membership to begin enhancing your brand today!