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February 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ About this #3dprint company

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San Diego, California


Video Channel: – https://vimeo.com/wiivv


– www.wiivv.com

Wiivv does custom, 3D printed insoles made from a smartphone. We take 2D images, and within 5 minutes turn them into biomechanically engineered 3D printable files.

Aside from the fact that we offer BASE insoles at a more accessible price point then our direct competition, we also offer a variety of design options – BASE by Wiivv insoles were deemed biomechanically superior in a series of key points – such as the reduction in joint load on your hip and knees. Hope that helps!Twitter most funded

Who are the founders and what inspired them to start this business? Shamil Hargovan and Louis-victor Jadavji founded Wiivv with the intention of adding 10 active years to your life. Every step you take is untapped potential that should be working for you – Wiivv aims to make that energy work for you.

You’ll just have to wait and see, but we images (1)promise it’s exciting!

We see the 3D printing industry heading towards a more on demand market, where traditional manufacturing works in tangent with 3D printed manufacturing to create custom goods.