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February 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ About this #3dprint company


Greensboro, NC


Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FNEYBUeFa6EqKMrGfv5zQ



Summary of Your Business – Manufacturer of affordable, high-performance 3D printers for education and commercial applications.


Until the advent of Fusion3, there were 2 categories of 3D printers. Large industrial printers (Stratasys, 3D Systems) provide industrial-strength performance but at a price tag ($20K-100K) that was out of reach of small businesses and education (schools, universities and community colleges). Consumer Printers (Makerbot, Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Airwolf3D) are affordable for these entities, but lack the relaibility and durability needed in an education enviroment and make bad investments for commercial customers due to poor print quality, slow speeds and short life spans. Fusion3’s printers provide an exceptional solution for these customers, with leading performance (fast speeds with great print quality) in a durable solution that makes a great investmen
Chris Padgett Founder & CEO Chris’ involvement with Fusion3 originated from his own personal interest in 3D printing. In his spare time from his work as a product development engineeer, Chris purchased some 3D printer kits to learn about the technology and was disappointed at their build and print quality. He saw many poor design choices in all of the available printers and started to customize and improve these existing designs. In 2013, Chris realized the potential of a company that could produce an industrial printer at a cost easily affordable by small and medium sized businesses. He resigned from his paying job in early 2013 to found Fusion3 with the vision of producing a reliable, high-capability, easy to use 3D printer for a fraction of the cost of existing industrial printers