About this #3dprint company – Cartesio

February 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ About this #3dprint company


ECompany Name – Cartesio

Maastricht, Netherlands





We design and manufacture the all-in-one Cartesio 3D machine / 3D printer. Its primary function is 3D printing with as many materials as you like. We value “safety first” and include a fume extraction and filtration unit with all machines.W

What makes your product superior? – Because we make a 3D platform, you are not limited to 3D printing. You can attach a maximum of 4 powered tools. You can have multiple 3D printer extruders, a plotter, mill, engraver and in the future a small lasercutter. Or even a combination of different tools.

Who are the founders? Jos Scheepers