About this #3dprint company – 3D-EeZ

February 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ About this #3dprint company

IMG_1669-1024x1024Company Name – 3D EeZ

City, State – Bellechester. MN


Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTGVDY5wKb0


URL : www.3D-EeZ.com

Summary of your business: 3D EeZ is a Polymer that coats your Build plate making issues like lifting and curling come to an end With 3D EeZ.. Your 3D Printing goes with EeZ

What makes your product superior?

well… it works and is economical… last for many many Prints and can be repaired if it gets torn… Making your whole 3-D Printing experience a lot EeZier

Who are the founders of your company?

Tony Gaston… a Mechanical Engineer who,after contracting MS, had to retire. But after Getting his life back with the New Medications that have come onto the MS Scene… he Purchased a 3-D Printer thinking it would be the End-All_Be-All to have as an Engineer. But alas it was Not. It was a new source of Frustration. Having Prints get Stuck to the build plate or having a Project just lift off after hours of Printing only to have ot restart the project and not know whether it would just lift off again ruining yet another Print. So with Little to no help from Manufacturers.. He Created 3D EeZ. And it worked… and it works well… He sent some to Richard Horne of “3-D Printing for Dummies” Fame and he loved it.. So he now sells it online making and helping all to have better Prints.


to continue developing 3D EeZ and other Products to Enhance the 3-D Printing Experience.



I see a day.. not too far off.. when a person may need a new part for his vehicle and he can have it printed either in his home or a Printing Hub.. Sure he will pay a fee for the License on the part and the Printing service… But considerable less than at today’s Prices because you do not have to have large warehouses to store parts…and lots more